List Services: We have the lists you need!

Our proprietary lists are NCOA processed and deceased file processed, helping you save on your printing mailing costs. Our lists are also completely delivery point verified, so your message gets exactly where you want it. Many of the lists are demographically overlaid to help find just the right select of names for your next acquisition effort. For all list information, please contact List Services.

List Find Assistance

Our in-house team is aware that no one knows your data better than you do. We are prepared to listen to your insights, review your past efforts, and add our own research to enhance the knowledge you have worked so hard to attain. This research can include everything from traditional research of list offerings for comparable groups to a more in-depth analysis based on the behaviors of consumers/donors within a client's house file.

Income Generation

List services also markets lists to generate income for list owners, and maintains the records of rentals and exchanges. Our list services group is comprised of experienced direct marketing professionals, who work to build new income streams for our clients and make certain that rentals or exchanges are properly vetted to protect the relationship you have with your consumers or donors.

Predictive Data Modeling

We are committed to improving our clients' fundraising and development performance. We review and analyze your donors' past performance as defined by hundreds of demographic and behavioral characteristics. This information allows us to better define successful acquisition lists and determine which of your lapsed donors are most likely to re-activate. We can determine which segments of an acquisition file will be the least likely to donate and remove them. Better yet, we are prepared to guarantee acquisition enhancement. If we can’t lift your percentage response rate we won’t charge for the effort. We've done our job when we reduce your cost to acquire a new donor and increased your income per piece mailed. Please review these case studies. (Case Studies coming soon)

Data Processing

• Predictive Modeling Services
• Programming
• List Conversion
• Merge/Purge
• Full Service INTELLIGENT MAIL BARCODING postal discounting
• Postal Presort

Need to send us data files? Send files via email or our secure FTP services.