We know how to deliver messages that speak directly to your donors and keep them in your fold – not your competitor's.


AKA Direct Marketing Solutions creates messages that speak directly and effectively to your donors.

High dollar donors or buyers are critical to your success. How much effort does your organization expend maintaining your relationship with them... and at what cost? Get the most from your marketing dollar by working with the experts at AKA Direct Marketing Solutions.

We know high dollar donors. We know what works – how to court them, how to hook them, and how to get the most dollar per ask. Our experienced team of HDD marketing specialists will work with your organization to create effective strategies and messages that work.

How? Our experts help you evaluate the history of each individual high dollar donor’s relationship with your organization. Together, we craft a message that creates sense of “one-to-one” personal communication that deepens the level of commitment to your cause or loyalty to your product.

We'd like to help you raise the bar for success with your direct mail and marketing campaigns. Contact us today and let's talk about how our knowledge and expertise can help your organization prosper!