AKA Direct Marketing Solutions works with hundreds of charities, helping increase both their donations and the number of people they're able to serve.


There aren't many things more satisfying than being able to help a worthy charity increase its impact in our communities.

Whether it's right here at home or across the country, for the past past 30 years AKA has been a key part in helping charities of all types improve their direct mail appeals.

Our experience in design, printing, specialization, list acquisition and creation, and direct mail all play a part in generating the right piece at the right price. Together, we work with your team to help analyze your goals and your budget, then bring the two together and create a marketing solution that makes a difference to your organization's bottom line. At AKA, we believe being an instrumental part of raising millions of dollars for our client's noble causes is both a joy and a privilege.

We'd like to help you raise the bar for success with your direct mail and marketing campaigns. Contact us today and let's talk about how our knowledge and expertise can help you increase your reach and grow your organization's donations!